10 Reasons to Do a Sober Spring!

Janet Gourand
2 min readMar 2


Spring is here!

Dry January is a great way to test your dependence on alcohol and give your body a bit of a break. But if you really want to experience the benefits of alcohol-free living and change your drinking habits for good then it’s just not long enough.

Check out the 10 reasons below to discover why a 66 day challenge could be a gamechanger for you.

Ten reasons why you should do Sober Spring

  1. The first 30 days of any alcohol-free challenge are usually the most difficult ones. Hang in there and it gets easier and easier.
  2. You will have a great reason for not drinking: “No thanks, I’m doing Sober Spring.”
  3. Your mind will clear and your creativity will get a boost. Most importantly, you may just decide to make a major life change.
  4. After 66 alcohol free days you will have built a new sober “neural pathway”, making it much easier to carry on if you wish.
  5. You will make healthier food choices, feel more like exercising and ditch those extra kilos. Drinking alcohol goes against the wellness trend.
  6. The benefits that come in after 2+ alcohol-free months are significant. You will notice weight loss, better sleep, clearer skin and fresher looks.
  7. Alcohol is an addictive drug and 20% of social drinkers will become dependent over the years. Regular breaks to test your dependence are essential.
  8. More and more people are becoming sober curious — why not join them and dip your toe in the waters of sobriety? You might just decide to stay!
  9. Your sleep will improve. When we drink, we get only 2 or 3 cycles of REM sleep — to feel rested and refreshed we need 7! No more 3 am wake-ups!
  10. More time! We are all “too busy” these days so ditching the booze will free up extra time. You’ll have more energy in the evening and start to love early mornings!


The first day of Spring is 20th March so that’s Day One for you — stay alcohol free for the next 66 days and you’ll be amazed how great you feel.


Tribe Sober’s #sober66 challenge offers online, community and audio support for the 66 days.



Janet Gourand

I am a Brit living in South Africa. Finally managed to quit drinking in 2015 - I set up Tribe Sober to help others do the same. Podcast & tribesober.com

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