Happy New Year!

I love New Year — somehow the idea of a “clean slate” and a whole clean shiny year ahead makes me happy.

I have always been a goal setter, it’s probably in my DNA after 25 years of corporate life! …


In the UK we are encouraged to float through the festive season on a sea of booze. The combination of the messaging from the liquor industry and the media is so powerful and it can be easy to “go with the flow” ;-)

How about we play it a bit differently this year?

How about we resist the brainwashing — and get smart.

How about we unplug from the matrix?

Here we are in December, inching our way towards the end of another strange and difficult year. We are not out of the…

Janet Gourand

I am a Brit living in South Africa. Finally managed to quit drinking in 2015 - I set up Tribe Sober to help others do the same. Podcast & tribesober.com

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